October 11, 2011

Bag Lady

When personality types were divvied up at birth I planted myself firmly in the A+ line. (Please, please, don't act surprised). This creates all sorts of fun in our household, including at the grocery store. Not only do I insist upon lining up the groceries neatly on the belt - items with hard edges first, and mind the bananas - I also care deeply about the bags I bring with me.

(The Husband has one of those "Feed" bags from Whole Paycheck. I support the cause; hate the bag.)

Trish Banner of Cottage by Design seems to have just the thing for the "My groceries should look as good as my hair" crowd. If, in fact, we can be deemed a crowd.

Banner's French Market tote, available for a mere 40 clams on Etsy, comes in a host of colors, and it's vinyl handles will be sturdy enough for all of your pinot - blanc or noir.

Find the tote here.


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