August 06, 2010

We Need Your Vote!

Nothing like a give-away to make Americans froth at the mouth. Room and Board is having a living-room furniture give-away - $10,000 in Room and Board products to refresh one lucky modernist's digs. The 20 finalists' needy rooms are posted here.

For me, there is one clear winner. With credit where it is due (all images and interview text courtesy of Room and Board), I offer you "Gaudy Goodness."

Why does your living room need a modern makeover?

I think there are way too many colors, curves and frilly things.

What one item or element in your living room drives you most up the wall?

These creepy lamps.

Close-up of the "creepy lamps."

If you had $10,000 worth of Room & Board furnishings, what would your dream living room look like?

It would look fresh, hip and modern... just like me. (Picture of the homeowner below).

How would a living room makeover improve your life?

A Room & Board / makeover could help me forget my ex-wife (who bought this furniture over 25 years ago).

Please, dear readers, vote early, and vote often.




  1. this is priceless. and is creepy lamp actually worse than creepy shade? i'm not sure.

    maybe R&B should also give $10K to the ex-wife, to help her forget him.

    on my way to check out the rest!