April 08, 2010

Who You Callin' a Dingbat?

My family members are not patient people, particularly when engaging in any form of transport, and certainly not when other homo sapiens are within a five mile radius. Back when Dad censored his language, he called slow, inconsistent (read: California) drivers "dingbats."

So how happy was I to stumble upon Dingbat Press?
Lest you think Dingbat Press is some written homage to the Prius-driving masses, those intrepid souls who drive 50 miles per hour in the fast lane on Highway 101 whilst their white knuckles clutch the steering wheel as if it is a lifejacket and they are a slightly less gamine version Kate Winslet, I share with you some of my favorite Dingbat offerings:

Let us all acknowledge that letterpress rules, and that any recipe written on a card emblazoned with a crown or two must certainly taste delicious.

Any disagreement clearly makes one a DINGBAT.




  1. love your swanky and swell place here.
    bloody cute cards. I am a letter press addict.

  2. Checked out the Etsy shop, wonderful! Especially loved the striped Beetle Bug!

    Re potential Boston summit, right now it looks like I'm there the following week (traveling northbound Labor Day weekend). Darn! Sadness.